At Christopher’s, we pride ourselves in supporting organic and local farm fresh food providers, making it possible for us to serve dishes made from healthy, high quality ingredients. During the growing season much of our produce comes from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, a non-profit organic farmers cooperative in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. During the winter months we purchase winter squash, beets and winter greens. We also use pastured organic beef, organic cheeses, eggs and whole chickens.

For our guests who follow a gluten-free diet, we offer bread and rolls from Taffets Bakery, a Philadelphia based gluten-free bakery that provide us with a wide range of delicious and healthy breads, rolls, pizza crusts, and brownies, all from whole grain flours such as rice flour, sweet sorghum, arrowroot and millet. We are happy to accommodate your needs — be sure to ask your server for more information on these special offerings.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative – meats, cheese, flour, vegetables

Taffets Bakery – gluten free hamburger rolls; pizza crust, brownies

Canter Hill Farm – eggs Malvern PA

Coleman – Gluten Free Chicken fingers